Our Instructors

World-class experts who really know how to teach.


Aird, PeterAldrich, Jeffrey "Jeff"Archer, Rosalind, Dr.Armistead, George T.Ashford, Frank, Dr.Atnipp, Stanley L.


Badruzzaman, Ahmed, Dr.Bahar, Asnul, Dr.Barkat, Omar, Dr.Barry, Paul M.Bartok, PeterBayer, MichaelBendorf, RobiBobo, JamesBombardieri, RobertBothamley, MarkBourdon, John C.Boyer, Steven E., Dr.Branscum, StuartBrett, FordBritt, LarryBrune, Robert "Bob"Burianyk, Michael, Dr.


Carmody, PaulChen, Andrew, Dr.Cheung, Stephen "Steve", Dr.Chopra, SatinderCurry, JohnCuyler, Kevin


Datta-Gupta, Akhil, Dr.Delshad, Mojdeh, Dr.Devegowda, DeepakDiyashev, Iskander R., Dr.Dokianos, WilliamDunn-Norman, Shari, Dr.


Elewa, Amr H., Dr.


Finch, William "Bill" J.Fitz, Dale, Dr.Foerg, WolfgangFoulk, Laura S.Frankiewicz, Theodore "Ted", Dr.Frend, Ronald


Galas, Chris, Dr.Garvey, MatthewGay-de-Montella, RafaelGentges, Richard "Rick"Gerdes, KarlGhalambor, Ali, Dr.Gibbins, AndyGibson, DanGilad, JoshGlaser, DonaldGomez, MasonGosche, KurtGrammer, G. Michael., Dr.Granath, James W., Dr.Guidroz, Gerald


Hackler, Mark S.Haddad, RogerHageman, GerardHamman, Jeff


Lee, James, Dr.


Harms, LarryHarper, Andrew S.Harrison, MalcolmHazlett, W. Greg., Dr.Henry, Richard S.Hinn, RonHippman, AlanHuh, Chun, Dr.


Jacobs, JamesJacobs, Rodney, Dr.Jentz, RobinJewell, StephenJohns, Russell T., Dr.Johnson, Howard D., Dr.Johnson, Raymond L., Dr.


Kalra, Satish K., Dr.Kelkar, Mohan G., Dr.Kemp, BillKlein, AaronKleinsteiber, Stanley W.Kraus, Dale


Lake, Larry W., Dr.Langer, JamesLea, James F., Dr.Lelek, Jeffrey "Jeff"Lens, LarryLippincott, Robert "Bob" G.Logel, JohnLondono, DiegoLovelace, PerryLuan, PeteLuca, ChristiaanLunsford, KenLynn, Heloise, Dr.


Malino, HarveyMangiavacchi, Andrea, Dr.Marschall, DavidMartinez, JohnMartinsen, RandiMassingill, Gary, Dr.McCaffrey, Mark A., Dr.McGee, DaveMcKinzie, Howard L., Dr.McMahon, Timothy, Dr.Metcalf, SteveMHA, A Sproule CompanyMohanty, Kishore K., Dr.Moreno, Hector C.Morgan, JohnMorse, James D.Moshfeghian, Mahmood, Dr.Moyer, LarryMurphy, David Patrick


Nadar, ManickavasakanNichol, John Robert "Bob", Dr.Nieman, TimNorvell, RonnieNotz, Phillip K., Dr.Notz, William K.


Palacios, Carlos, Dr.Pelton, David, Dr.Pepper, AndrewPerez, MarcoPeveraro, RobertoPigott, John D., Dr.Pingenot, JasonPowell, William "Bill" E.Prendergast, Gerard


Rajani, Jay, Dr.Redus, Cliff, Dr.Riggs, JohnRobertson, Grant E., Dr.Robinson, Leon H., Dr.Ross, Gerry H.


Saugier, Kent, Dr.Saveth, Kenneth J.Schroeder, Richard H.Schuyler, JohnScott, SteveSeidle, John P., Dr.Sepulvado, Robert "Bob"Shah, Subhash N., Dr.Sidle, Rodney "Rod"Singh, AmritSneider, John S., Dr.Snow-McGregor, Kindra Marie.Soltanzadeh, Hamidreza "Mehrdad", Dr.Sondergeld, Carl, Dr.Sourisseau, KennethSpivey, John P., Dr.Spraggon, ChrisSummers, MarcStuart, Ian


Temples, Tom J., Dr.TenHoor, DavidThomas, E. C., Dr.Thomas, John "Jack" B., Dr.Travis, P. KyleTubbs, DavidTucker, Ronnie


van Cranenburgh, Katinka C., Dr.Vargas, Hector Hugo


Wade, William J., Dr.Watson, ColinWatson, StuartWebber, JeffWebster, MichaelWilkins, Scott, Dr.Williams, PeterWilson, Scott J.Wolfson, LarryWright, Wes


Our instructors include the leading technical experts in the petroleum industry. Most are consultants who work on the leading edge of technology, addressing the most pressing challenges the industry faces today.

In the PetroSkills Instructor Training Program, our instructors learn to be superb teachers – experts in active learning. In classes and field trips around the world, they provide an experience that is engaging, practical and 100% relevant for oil and gas professionals throughout the industry.

Become an Instructor or Consultant

PetroSkills takes pride in an unparalleled instructor and consultant network of over 240 of the brightest minds in the business. Although their background and experience are as diverse as the industry itself, they all have one thing in common – an ability to effectively communicate their technical expertise in an engaging and lasting way.

PetroSkills instructors and consultants have access to high quality content and course material resources, as well as a benchmark instructor development program. They also have the support of a training department designed to work out the logistics and take care of the details necessary to make the teaching experience both fulfilling and seamless.

If you have the rare combination of technical competency, deep experience, and passion for teaching others, we would love to hear from you.

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